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Vourvourou is a seaside village and resort of Halkidiki, about 100 km from the airport of Thessaloniki. A place with many holiday homes and accommodation, harmonized with the unique beauty of the region, framed by pine-covered areas and exotic beaches with turquoise waters. It is a destination that you should visit during your vacation in Halkidiki.

The settlement is located across the beach, on the other side f a complex of nine islands, the largest of them Diaporos with its enchanting beaches. It has a huge natural bay 700 meters long and more, Kryftos, which serves as a berth for boats when the sea becomes stormy. The bay ends in shallow water, which always remains warm and is suitable for winter swimmers. Most of the island is covered by pine forests.

All the beaches of the area are unique, with sandy shores and calm waters. The most famous of these are Karydi beach, with pines that reach almost to the sea, Livari, Bara, Fava, and Xifara.


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