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Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki

The largest exhibition of archaeological finds in Northern Greece is in the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki. From its foundation in 1912, until today, with an intermediate landmark in 1962 and the construction of the building that hosts it, designed by the architect Patroklos Karantinos, the Museum presents exhibits found in Thessaloniki, but also in Pieria, Halkidiki, Kilkis, and the region of Northern Greece. Visitors are introduced to the journey of the city and Macedonia from prehistoric times to late antiquity and the first Christian centuries.

The Museum invites visitors to get acquainted with the history of the region, the people who lived and created their great works, and their culture, through eight thematic units: "Prehistoric Macedonia", "Towards the genesis of cities", "Macedonia from in the 7th century BC. until late antiquity "," Thessaloniki, the metropolis of Macedonia "," The gold of the Macedonians "," Field, Home, Garden, Place "," Memory and Stones "," Macedonia: From tiles to pixels ".

The collections record more than 10,000 objects, presenting every aspect of the life of the ancient Macedonians, including their daily life, household, grooming, entertainment, but also war, religion, and burial customs. They are divided into a Collection of Ceramics with objects from all over Ancient Greece, a Collection of Metalwork with over 4,000 exhibits, a Collection of Small Crafts (jewelry, stones, toys, etc.), a Collection of Glass Objects, and a collection of objects from organic materials, where the oldest book in Europe (340 - 320 BC), Papyrus of Derveniou stands out. The Collection of Stones has 4,500 exhibits of prehistoric and historical periods, the Collection of Murals includes parts of built tombs and parts of the Palace of Galerius and other Roman buildings in the city, while the Collection of Mosaics presents floors discovered mainly in the area of ​​Thessaloniki.

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