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Nymphaeum - Aristotle School

A place of global interest is the Aristotle School, just below Naoussa, on the outskirts of the plain. It is the place with the running waters and the deep shaded caves mentioned by the ancient writers, where the greatest philosopher of antiquity taught the greatness of classical Greek thinking and the ideals of Platonic philosophy to the son of the King of Macedonia Philip II and Philip II other nobles of the Macedonian Court. The meeting of these two greatest personalities of the ancient world in Nymphaeum of Mieza was to decisively influence the future of mankind and the entire Western Civilization.

The space occupied by Nymphaeum, the sanctuary dedicated to the Nymphs, is a very impressive natural landscape, where the ancient relics - the wall of a two-story portico with Ionic columns in the shape of Π - combined with three natural caves that exist there, form the main area of ​​the school. The vertical surface of the rock, where the holes for the support of the roof beams are visible, was the back of the shady portico, built then (350 BC and later), where Aristotle taught "the moral and political discourse". (Plutarch) in the young shoots of the Macedonian nobles.

The landscape where the Master walked with his students on the riparian, paths full of dense vegetation, while around them gushing from the springs and flowing cool streams, is completed a little further with an even bigger cave, with two carved entrances, for worship.


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