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Jewish Quarter (Barbuta)

The Jewish Quarter of Veria, or "Barbuta", is located next to the river Tripotamos, on the west side of the city. To this day, fifty old houses of Macedonian architecture are preserved, and in some of them, there are still Jewish inscriptions. The houses and the synagogue of the district were restored in 1977, through a special program of the Municipality of Veria, with the help of Jewish organizations.

The area is built with a purely defensive urban complex and is isolated and enclosed. The steep slope of the land on the riverside creates a natural fortification for the district, while on the other side the exterior of the building system completes this feeling of isolation. The houses of the district are built next to each other, creating a closed triangle with only openings in the gallery below the houses on Merarchias Street, which leads to the Jewish Synagogue, and with the second opening being opposed to the first.

On the west bank of the Tripotamos was the Jewish cemetery, five hundred meters across from barbuti. The Jewish Synagogue, which stands on the northwest side of the district, next to the bank of Tripotamos, was repaired in 1850 with a sultan's firman, while in it we find architectural elements of earlier synagogues in Thessaloniki.

Vima (Teva) is in the center of the space, surrounded by four columns. The Sanctuary (Ehal) is placed on the east wall of the synagogue. The floor consists of wooden planks, while in the center dominate mosaic decorative tiles. The religious bath (mikve) is preserved in the back to this day.


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