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Seli Ski Center

The National Ski Center of Seli is the first organized Ski Center in the country. It has been operating since 1934, the year when the first Panhellenic ski races were organized. Located at an altitude of 1530 meters.

It is 24 km from Veria, 20 km from Naoussa, and 95 km from Thessaloniki. The main access to the ski resort is through the Egnatia Odos and the provincial road Veria-Seliou, while the secondary access is through the provincial road Naoussa-Seliou. It has spacious parking of 36 asphalted acres.

The National Ski Center of Seli combines all the conditions required for the establishment of a model ski center. Features, the National Ski Center of Seli has many modern lifts for the comfortable and fast service of skiers, a wide variety of tracks with slopes for tourist and sports skiing, playgrounds, and cross-country slopes with the possibility of holding international sports. Thousands of skiers are a daily occurrence.

 It also has hiking trails. It is crossed by the international mountaineering trail E4, while a characteristic attraction of the center is the chalet with the oxygen roof. The excellent snow conditions, the free horizon, the amazing sunshine, and the limited humidity give the visitors health, joy, and well-being.


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