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Archaeological Museum of Veria

 The Archaeological Museum of Veria was founded in the early 1960s to house and exhibit antiquities from all over the Prefecture of Imathia and since 2009 it has been renovated. Here one can see findings from the Neolithic era to the Hellenistic and Roman periods, with the majority of the exhibits coming from the period of the prosperity of the Macedonian Kingdom.

The entrance of the museum is dominated by the supernaturally large marble head of Medusa, which was adapted to the northern gate of the ancient walls of Veria, to prevent the enemies of the city. In the reception hall stands out the impressive marble bust of the river god Olganos, which has the form of Alexander the Great, while the visitor has the opportunity to be informed through modern surveillance media about the history and the main monuments of Veria.

In the main area of ​​the museum (ground floor), there are representative exhibits from tombs of archaic, classical, and Hellenistic times, such as jewelry, clay figurines, armor, as well as clay and metal vessels. In addition, two rooms on the ground floor are exhibited important findings from the public and private life of the Hellenistic and Roman period, with the famous "Gymnastic Law" (marble column of the 2nd century BC) that describes the rules of operation of the ancient Gymnasium of the city. to dominate among them. Finds of archeological excavations from every corner of Imathia are exhibited on the attic floor of the museum, with thematic sections of topographic and chronological character.

In July 2021, the permanent semi-outdoor exhibition of the Museum was inaugurated, "The Wall of Memory", which presents selected monuments (tombstones and honorary altars) of personalities of the ancient past of the city, recalling to the current inhabitants of Veria the memory of their ancestors.


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