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Exhibition of Paleontology Kilkis

Next to the Cave of Agios Georgios in Kilkis, on the floor of the refreshment room, there is a permanent Paleontology Exhibition with the findings that have been found in the cave. Visitors can admire fossilized bones and teeth dating to the last Ice Age, from animals that have now become extinct (giant weasel, giant deer, primitive ox, wild half-moon) and lived in the cave up to 30,000 years ago, but also can be informed about its history.

A special exhibit is the life-size spotted hyena of the caves, a carnivorous animal that lived in the Kilkis Cave in large populations tens of thousands of years ago. Numerous fossils and the unique, famous corals of the cave are also presented. The "Museum of Paleontology" of Kilkis impresses with its interactive table, with representations of large carnivorous animals, which provide information about each, allowing visitors to touch their skulls that produce sounds.


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