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Kaimaktsalan Ski Center

Mount Kaimaktsalan or Boras is located on the border of Northern Macedonia and its ridge is the border between the two states. It is the third highest mountain in Greece, with an altitude of 2,524 meters, the peak of which is the ski center that took its name from the mountain.

The view from the mountain is amazing, from there one can see the Thermaikos gulf, the top of Olympus mountain, and the ski center of 3-5 Pigadia of Naoussa, which is across the mountain. When the clouds are low, you feel like you’re on a plane, floating in the bed of white clouds that form underneath you.

The Ski Center starts at 2,050 meters, where there is the main shelter, parking lots, ski schools, beginner slopes, rental shops, ticket offices, and the first lift, and ends at 2,480 meters, where the arrival station of the highest lift in Greece is located. It has long and wide and easy slopes and is considered the ideal center for improving your skiing technique and walking in deceptive snow.

At Kaimaktsalan Ski Resort you will have the opportunity to have fun at any age, regardless of whether skiing is one of your favorite sports or not. You can relax while enjoying your coffee or tea, gazing at the far-reaching views of the Aegean Sea, within the Ski Center, or at the bars, cafes, and restaurants in the area.


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