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 Olympus, "the mountain of the gods", the source of ancient myths and the highest mountain in Greece, dominates the borders of Thessaly and Macedonia with its imposing, solid mountain mass. Full of deep ravines, high peaks that reach up to 2,918 meters ("Mytikas" peak), and countless paths from which many brave people have walked, the first National Park of the country, an area with great biodiversity, stands like a giant tower, with its circular shape that extends to a perimeter of 150 kilometers.

The mountain attracts thousands of visitors every year. Admirers of the charm of the unique natural environment who enjoy touring its slopes, climbers who aspire to conquer the peaks. From the classic starting point at the eastern base, Litochoro, the various mountain and climbing routes are at the disposal of visitors who want to explore its beauties, while mountain shelters provide space for relaxation and enjoyment of the fresh air.

The variety of its habitats is amazing. The intense diversity of Olympus, the different orientation of the slopes, the rocks, the great height, and the short distance of the peaks from the sea, create a wide variety of types of vegetation and habitats. The importance of the Forest has been recognized not only in Greece but also worldwide. The peak is located just 18 km from the beach of Litochoro, so the visitor can, on the same day, be on the snowy peaks in the morning and the afternoon swim in the sea, under the summer sun.

At the foot of Olympus, 5 km from the sea, is Dion, a holy city of the Macedonians, dedicated to Zeus and the twelve gods. The excavations, which had begun in 1928 and continue to this day, revealed rich finds from the Macedonian, Hellenistic, and Roman eras, which are in the Archaeological Museum of Dion.

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