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Agistro Baths

 The Byzantine Hamam of Agistros dates back to 950 AD. and is established as a real monument. It is considered the oldest in the country and has received significant architectural influences from the Ottomans.

The mysterious atmosphere inside the stone bath (Hamam) remains over the centuries. The hot water, directly from the heart of the earth, is poured with pressure into the circular mosaic bath, offering a perfect whirlpool.

The dense water vapor, in combination with the dim light that enters the small skylights of the dome, creates a dreamy environment of relaxation, relief, and well-being. Moments of enjoyment on the marble terrace and an opportunity for a sweaty, relaxing steam bath.

The springs of Agistro have a temperature of 40.5 ° C and the waters are ideal for rheumatism, arthropathy, disc disease, and myalgias and are considered one of the best in Europe. The hammam offers wellness and rejuvenation all year round with eight group baths.


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