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Leon of Amphipolis

A symbol of the region of Serres, the lion of Amphipolis stands restored facing the ancient city for more than a century. It was discovered by the Greek army in 1912, during construction works on the river Strymonas, while parts of the construction were found in 1916 by English soldiers.

The lion of Amphipolis is 5.30 meters high and is displayed sitting on its hind legs. Together with the pedestals, its total height exceeds eight meters and is one of the greatest preserved monuments of the 4th century BC. It is located next to the old bridge of Strymonas, on the provincial road Amfipolis-Serraiki Coast.

The Lion of Amphipolis has a special feature, as the statute has no tongue. It is alleged that this was due to a construction error or a symbolic omission by the unknown creator.

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