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Zinzirli Mosque

Zinzirli Mosque is located in the southwestern part of the city of Serres, in one of its most densely populated neighborhoods. It is a medium-sized mosque, with a central quadrangular space that on three sides, east, north, and west, is surrounded by a two-story colonnaded portico.

To the south, the rectangular area of ​​the mihrab stands out. The central space is covered with a dome, while the ground floor and the floor of the galleries are covered with boat-shaped domes. In the southwest corner is the minbar, made of marble, one of the best-preserved of its kind in Greece.

On the north side, where the entrance is located, you see the colonnaded porch, which is covered by a dome in the middle and boat-shaped domes on the sides. The gallery is built with carved alabaster using isodomic art, while the main body of the mosque is built with a brick enclosure, where the carved stones are surrounded by plinths.

Architecturally and morphologically, the Zinzirli Mosque is part of a group of late 16th-century buildings preserved in Istanbul and are now considered buildings of the Sinan School, the great architect of the classical period of Ottoman architecture.

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