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Zongolopoulos umbrellas

The installation of the sculpture "Umbrellas", a construction that reaches thirteen meters in height, in 1997, in the context of the Year of Cultural Capital of Thessaloniki, was to quickly acquire the characterization of a symbol of the city, as it perfectly matched the beach and the horizon of Thermaikos.

The sculptor himself, George Zongolopoulos, had described the place as "ideal" for the promotion of his work, having previously installed the Umbrellas in Venice. According to Zongolopoulos, "simply here there is space and a large horizon, which makes the work seem to have come from here". Especially when he saw the umbrellas lit for the first time at night, he was excited: "There is a magic that amazes me and satisfies me. The "Umbrellas" seem to be hovering against the black background, the lighting creates a magical image, which, as soon as I first saw, I was stunned. "With the" Umbrellas "in the black background of the horizon being like a dream".

The Umbrellas were installed in their current location in 2013, at the height of the City Hall of Thessaloniki, after the completion of the renovation works in Nea Paralia. It is one of the most photographed places in the city and attracts both visitors and residents, who embraced them as a part of their daily life and a point of reference.

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