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Thessaloniki Concert Hall

The Thessaloniki Concert Hall is a key venue for cultural events in the city. It was inaugurated in 2000 and since then it plays an important role in the production and hosting of artistic events, with concerts, theater and opera performances, artistic and cultural exhibitions as well as conference events. The mansion was built on a seaside plot of 18 acres, next to the Poseidon Sports Center, at the junction of 25th of March Street with the beach. It consists of two buildings, the M1 and the M2.

Building M1 is a jewel for the city, in which together co-exist the elements of a large concert hall(Music Friends Hall), a public reception area (foyer), offices for administrative and technical services, as well as all the necessary facilities for support for events (dressing rooms, test rooms, instrument warehouses, etc.) At the same time, care has been taken for the citizens with disabilities, with the construction of suitable elevators. The external appearance of the building is in perfect harmony with the history of the city, combining elements from both the glorious Byzantine past and its subsequent cosmopolitan role.

Designed by the famous architect Arata Isozaki, the M2 building gives the city a unique construction that summarizes the virtues of modern architecture. Geometric lines, large glass surfaces, and metal elements compose an image of imposing simplicity, which contrasts but stands equally next to the neighboring M1. Full of natural light, the Foyer of the new building offers a magnificent view. Equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and excellent infrastructure, the Emilios Riadis Hall can accommodate 500 people while the Maurice Saltiel Hall, which seats 300 people, can be divided into three rooms of 100 or two of 100 and 200 people respectively, thus providing the possibility to hold a series of different types of events. The M2 building has an underground parking lot of 11,800 sq.m. and 230 seats. Consistent with its cultural role, the Thessaloniki Concert Hall accommodates the Music Library and Museum of Musical Instruments.

The café-bar-restaurant "Allegro" operates in the Hall, and before the performances and during the breaks there are bars in the foyers.


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