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Bathed by the sea in the east and west, protected by mountains in the north and south and in its center, this place is flooded by plains and lakes. The Regional Unit of Thessaloniki stands out in history, monuments and beauties.

Byzantine monuments and castles, seaside towns, sandy beaches, vineyards and orchards, forests and paths. With the sea raining the city of Thessaloniki and its suburbs to the west of the Regional Unit. and on its eastern side, at the beginning of the Halkidiki peninsula, Stavros and Asprovalta, on the borders of the Strymon delta. With the great rivers of the wider area, the torrents and streams flowing on its shores to flow into the shores and lakes, along with its entire coastal front, it would easily be characterized as the Regional Unit of water. An ancient, important place, of the great Kingdom of the Macedonians, with significant political autonomy and in the passage between east and west, with its course over the centuries, it emerged unjustly, a place of refuge for refugees and great economic development.
St. Panteleimon Church
Military Museum of Balkan Wars in Gefira
Tourbes Musa Baba
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