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Central Macedonia, the place of warmth and hospitality, the million-year history and the remarkable cultures, the heavenly beaches, and the dreamy natural landscapes, welcomes visitors and its ready to provide everything they need. The areas of Thessaloniki, Halkidiki, Pella, Serres, Pieria, Kilkis, Imathia and Mount Athos, can be easily accessible through many means from which visitors can choose, to visit the magical destinations that await them.

By air

Thessaloniki International Airport “Macedonia” with many countries, as well as with several domestic destinations. It is located 15 kilometers southeast of Thessaloniki, in the area of Thermi. By the airport, one can go to the city using urban transportation (Line 01X during the day and 01N at night) that connect the airport with the Railway Station and the Intercity Bus Station, crossing the whole city ai a cost of 2 euros (ticket is issued in the bus), except from the buses to Halkidiki, which are housed at a closer location (Line 79 from the airport to IKEA station and then Line 36), and also by taxi. A bus stop and a taxi rank are located at the airport exit. Also, in the arrivals area there are offices of car rental companies.

At about 180 kilometers is the Kavala Airport "Alexander the Great", in Chrysoupoli. Transportation to Central Macedonia can be done by taxi from the airport to Chrysoupoli or Kavala and then by intercity bus, as there are frequent routes to Thessaloniki and other destinations.

For more information please visit the airport websites.



By Rail

The New Railway Station of Thessaloniki is in the center of the city, at 28 Monastiriou Street and connects the capital of Macedonia with all the Greek cities of the railway network, as well as with destinations abroad (Sofia, Skopje, Belgrade, Bucharest). There are regular itineraries to and from Athens, the port of Piraeus and Patras several times daily, as well as to Evros, passing through the cities of Kilkis and Serres. The Suburban Line of Thessaloniki to Larissa serves the intermediate destinations of Pieria, while the Suburban Line to Florina passes through stations of Imathia and Pella. There is a taxi rank at the entrance of the Railway Station and several Lines of the city's public transport network reach the precinct.

For more information please visit the official rail website.


By Bus

The Thessaloniki Intercity Bus Station “Macedonia” is located at 244 Giannitson Street, at the western entrance of the city. There are routes to travel to and from all cities of Greece as well as to countries with international routes ( Germany, Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Northern Macedonia). Access is via several lines of the city's public transport network and by taxi. Bus stops and a taxi rank are located at the entrance of the station. The destinations of Halkidiki are served by the Intercity Station of Halkidiki to the east, on the Thessaloniki-Moudania Ring Road. The two stations are connected to the city bus line 45.

For more information please visit the website of Intercity and Urban transport.

KTEL Macedonia:

KTEL Halkidiki:

Organization of Urban Transportation of Thessaloniki:

By Car

The National Road and the Egnatia Odos are the two main, recently built and well-constructed highways that you can follow to reach Central Macedonia by car.

The National Road (A1 Motorway) is part of the European route E75 and is the road axis for the passage from Athens or other southern regions of the country.

The Egnatia Odos (A2 Motorway) connects Central Macedonia east with Epirus, ending at the port of Igoumenitsa and west with Thrace, as far as the Greek-Turkish border. The vertical axes connect Central Macedonia with the Balkan countries and the rest of Europe.

By Ship

The timelessly important port of Thessaloniki is connected by ferry to several Aegean islands. It is located on the west side of the city center, very close to the countless attractions of the capital of Macedonia and is accessible by public transport or taxi. The port is also a stopover for many cruise ships each year.

For more information please visit the website of Port of Thessaloniki:

The ferry access to Mount Athos, which is the only way to reach the Athonite State, is through the ports of Ouranoupolis for the west coast (phone of the Port Authority 2377071248) and Ierissos or Nea Rhodes for the east coast (telephones of the Port Authority). (2377022063, 2377022576) and the Port Authority of Nea Rhodes (2377022000, 2377022385), but also cruises organized from various areas of Halkidiki. For the island of Ammouliani there are routes from Tripiti (Telephone Tripiti Coast Guard 2377031376).

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