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Gourmet puzzle of flavors and aromas

Doric and at the same time special, with a strong personality, with wealth and complexity, the gastronomic identity of Macedonia was formed by a series of geographical, religious and philosophical developments and perceptions. A gastronomy that displays its richness and offers experiential experiences to the visitors of Central Macedonia.

Following the rules of seasonality and its timeless tradition, it offers in everyday life, familiar, comforting flavors to its inhabitants and clarified flavors, with a wealth of shades to its visitors.

It is a cousine that its people have shaped through the older perception of their relationship with the rest of the world and the wider society.

A rich plain that stretches from the majestic Olympus, the Thermaic gulf and the gulf of Kassandra to the Strymon gulf and gives in abundance all the fruits. Whatever you are looking for, you will find it in Central Macedonia. A series of local diamonds, with many of them labeled as PDOs, justify the titles of the largest plains in the country.
Panorama triangles
Koulouri of Thessaloniki
Halkidiki honey
Akanes of Serres
Xinomavro of Naoussa
Revani of Veria
Buffalo stew


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