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Skra Waterfalls

The waterfalls of Skra, along with their magnificent emerald lake, are a dreamy corner of Paiko, hidden in a dense deciduous forest, which crosses the Kotza-Dere stream. Successive waterfalls, some small and some large, emerge through oaks, plane trees, and ivy and offer a fascinating spectacle. The environment is great for picnics, hiking, and relaxation.

 The idyllic water complex of streams that form waterfalls and their waters end up in a beautiful lake, immersed in the dense vegetation. The waterfalls of Skra and the small "Emerald Lake" that they create are located in the northwest of the regional unit of Kilkis, a few kilometers from the border, at the northeastern “foot” of Paiko. Nearby is the eponymous saddle, between the mountains of Paiko and Jenna, where the famous Battle of Skra took place, one of the most important battles of World War I. To the north, you can find the village of Skra, which took its name from the nearby peak of Skra di Legen.

Also known as "Koupas Waterfalls", from the nearby village, the small ecosystem has been created in a mixed deciduous forest from the Kotza-Dere stream, which ends at Axios. The place where the waterfalls are located is dominated by limestone and the stream over the years has carved the stone, shaping the beautiful landscape. At the point where the stream meets the Emerald Lake, the waterfalls from six meters, forming behind them a small cave, with thin stalactites hanging from the roof of the rock. The small lake, with a depth of about four meters, owes its turquoise waters to fossilized organisms located at its bottom. A magical natural landscape, one of those that led the folk tradition to create legends with fairies and elves.

The vegetation in the area is very dense and consists of a mixed forest that is rich in different species. The trees that can be found next to and near the river are plane trees, alders, hornbeam, beeches, oaks, Cornelian cherry, walnuts, chestnuts, and hazelnuts, while ivy, laurel, boxwood, plane trees, and rough bindweed grow among many flowers. The variety of birds and reptiles is also impressive.


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