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Bathing in Pozar thermal baths

Pozar Baths are thermal baths, known since ancient times. Finds and traditional stories of the place and its waters go back to the time of Alexander the Great and the Roman and Byzantine periods. 13 km west of Aridea and 3 km from Loutraki, the spa town is in the valley of the stream of Agios Nikolaos. The oldest name of the stream was Toplitsa ("Thermos Potamos") and in the area has been discovered a complex of about 15 caves, with abundant finds of prehistoric times, which are exhibited in the small museum of Loutra. The area has been declared a cave park (Almopia Cave Park) and is the first of its kind in Greece.

The thermal springs of the baths are a center of Thermal Tourism, as they are used by their visitors mainly for therapeutic purposes. At the main gushing point (hydrotherapy center), the water has a temperature of 37.2 C, the source of the square at 36.4 C, and the cold spring, which is also located in the square, at 15 C. The hot water has a thermal effect and is drinkable. Visitors use it for bath therapy, toning, and relaxation, while the waters help fight circulatory, respiratory, rheumatic, gynecological, and dermatological diseases. Also, mineral water therapy is indicated for diseases of the liver, kidneys, bile, digestive, and urinary system.

In the area of ​​the spa town, there are many hotel units, but also restaurants and taverns with delicious delicacies.


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